Under the knife

June 17, 2011 · Filed Under General 

A couple of weeks ago my family wanted to go see one of my elderly family members a few hours away.   It was really nice to just be able to pick up at the last minute and go.  I put my laptop and eveyrthing I needed in my backpack and I had my mobile office, ready to go.  We traveled and I worked in the morning and evenings and spent the day with family.  I am loving the flexibility of internet marketing.

On the trip home we decided to stop and hour from home, spend the night and take the kids to a childrens museum the next day.  That night I was up working till about 2am.  When I crashed I had some pain in my abdomen, but I went to sleep.  I woke up at 3:30 with excruciating pain.  I was up and down all night and by morning the pain had lessened and settled on my right side.  We went to the museum and I didn’t do too much, but it was a good time for the kids.  We went to supper and I looked up my symptoms and I had a text book match for an appendicitis.  That meant surgery if it was true and that wasn’t terribly good news.  We travled home and I went immediately to the emergency room.

After many tests they told me I did in fact have an inflamed appendix and I would have to have it removed first thing in the morning.  At this point it was about midnight and had been just less then 24 hours since I started feeling the pain. I was able to pull out the laptop and my mobile internet and get some work done and send out a bunch of emails.   I actually worked a good way thru the night just to keep my mind off of surgery.   I suppose not many people can just sit in a hospital bed and earn money. 

Don’t I just look great?  lol  I was quite scared actually and knew things would be harder afterward.  Well 6 hours after they put me in a room they came to get me.  I went down to preop, and met the people that were going to be in the room and helping with the surgery.  By this point it had been just 20 mins from when they walked in and said its time to go.  I was pretty tore up, until they gave me “something to help with my nerves he said”.  1 minute later things were swimming a bit and I felt groggy.  2 mins later they had me climbing onto the surgery bed.  I layed down and they stretched out my arms and were saying something and I woke up (what seemed like a few seconds later) in recovery.

It was done, and it hurt!  lol  I had a pain button that dispensed me medicine when I needed it and I spent 2 more days there before I got to head home.

The first week was rough, but I pulled the laptop back out and started working the day after I got out of the hospital.  I wasn’t able to get a lot done, but I still felt priviliged to be able to sit in my chair in my living room and earn a few bucks.  I am very blessed.

10 days later I got an infection and they had to slice my wound partly back open to drain the infection.  I was awake this time, although they numbed it, it was still “quite” the experience being cut open right in the doctors office.

Its now 2 weeks since the surgery and I am finally starting to feel a bit better.  I am on the mend and in another 1-2 weeks I should feel a LOT better and in 4 weeks I will be off the weight limit and be able to pick up my kids again, that will be a great day.  🙂

Thanks to everyone for their prayers and support.  Its been rough at times, but I plan to keep moving forward.


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