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October 31, 2009 · Filed Under General 

While I haven’t really posted here about much of anything Seth Godin I am a huge advocate.  He has many great books, including one of my favorite The Dip.  He also shares daily insight on his blog, most of which is priceless and spot on.

However I have to disagree with his recent post on Opt in and Opt out.  I see his point of view, however it seems that his premise would suggest that the government get to decide what is Opt in and what is Opt out.  This is a scary thought and is certainly dangerous.  He said he would make organ doning opt out, I disagree.  I want the choice. He said he would make smart financial choices opt out.  I disagree, I want the choice.  Making smart financial decisions an Opt out environment (such as requiring everyone to put money into 401K) would certainly keep the ignorant and stupid people from leaving themselves with out a retirement, it would also take away a choice.   It would also give a false sense of security.  One were people said “well I don’t need to plan for retirement, I am following the government mandated plan”.  Which would make the lazy people think they were safe. It would also likely lead people to Believe that they are entitled to a secure financial future because they didn’t opt out.  They would then expect the socialist government to pick up the slack if something didn’t work out and cover their retirement.  Look at Social Security, it was supposed to do just that, although people can’t easily opt out, and its failing/failed.

I am generally for less government control, as I don’t need the government telling me what to do.  I need to get off my lazy rear end and learn and research myself and live responsibly. Aside from that, when the government or anyone else sets a public standard for something and makes it opt out, people that don’t opt out feel that they are entitled to  the alleged benefits of that program and then get mad if things don’t work out.

In a nut shell people need to be responsible and take care of themselves. I am for organ donors, but I am not for making it mandatory.    I am for seat belts, but it shouldn’t be a law.  I am for motorcyclists wearing helmets, but it shouldn’t be a law.  They are very unwise if they do not, but they should be allowed to take their life in their hands if they want to.  I am not for drunk driving, cause that is allowing someone to take some else’s lives in their own hands.

While some of his principles are generally good, it largely would result in the removal of freedom and choice.  Which ultimately lands us in a communist country if you go far enough.  Next thing you know your in the group thats inferior and you have to mark your self and then Hitler orders you killed.  Bit extreme, but it could wind up as our kids real world.

Oh, and bacon should always be opt out.  Sorry Seth thats just the way I feel.  lol


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