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Given that I have only been in the niche of online development persay since 2007 I am still learning a ton.  I have done ok in search ranking, but it was hit or miss.  I have seen a lot more about link wheels lately, but it took me a while to wrap my head around it.  So here is what I got, see what you think.

Basically you need a lot of links, and good quality ones, to get your site to rank.  A link wheel is kind of like an outline for your linking strategy.  Its a simple visual that illustrates the point of having your site link profile like an actual wheel on a bike.  Where your site is the middle of the wheel and all the spokes are links pointing into your site.

However with link wheels you want to have multiple layers of links.  The way link work is that when one page, links to another, then that page links to another, then that page links to you – you get a little bit of link equity from all those pages.  Its like the link juice starts on the first page and then flows to each page and eventually to you, and thru your site on to the sites you link to.

So by creating a link wheel you create a set of site that link directly to your site, then sites that link to your first layer of links, then site that link to your second layer of links.  You can take it as far as you like, but you get the point.  Here is an illustration of a simple editable link wheel template that I use (click to enlarge):

Link Wheel Template imageIf you want to use this you can download it here.

A lot of what value a link has, is dependent upon its trustrank.  The short story is new sites don’t have much or any, but established sites do.  So a super easy way to do your link wheel is by using web 2.0 properties such as squidoo, quizilla,, blogspot etc…  These sites already have high trust and you can create free pages on them.

Having some sites link directly to your main site, and some to other link wheel sites etc…  The point here is to make it look natural.   Not every site on the planet is going to link directly to you.  Google knows this.  But by linking indirectly you still push link equity to your site, while remaining natural.

In an ideal world you would get linked to because you have great content and everyone thinks you the best.  With a properly done link wheel, you can make it look like everyone really thinks you are the best.  Not leaving a foot print is the goal.

Here is another example which I got from a friend.  Its a bit more complex, and is also a great starting point for what sites to create pages on.



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  1. Mark on February 19th, 2010 2:57 pm

    Interesting concept, any proof of this actually working?

  2. MAtt on February 20th, 2010 6:44 pm

    Well I don’t have any proof that I care to share here on my blog, but in general the more links you have to a site the better. Some people use their link wheels to link launder by filter spamish links thru them. Others just pass link juice and use it as free links. If you build some links to your web 2.0 sites it will pass that link juice to you too. It concept anyway, there is some great stuff Aaron Wall talks about at

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