CauseWorld iphone app

January 2, 2010 · Filed Under General 

CauseWorld lets you donate money to charity just for taking the time to “check in” while doing your daily activities.  You install the app on your iphone or droid and when you go to stores, resturants, etc.. you launch the app.  It will check based off of your GPS location if the place you are at is on their list.  If it is you can “check in” which is simply clicking a button on yoru phone. 

When you check in you get Karma points.  Karma points can be donated to the charity of your choice (picking from the ones they offer, and you can suggest your own).  When you donate, it tells you exactly what/how much your donation will do.  Then the donation is translated in to real world dollars by their sponsors – Currently Citi and Kraft foods. 

The store you visit doesn’t pay anything, at least not now.  You can go visit stores you might not normally, but I have been using it to just check in at the places I was going anyway. 

So how much difference can one person make?  So far this morning since I downloaded the app, about 4 hours ago, I have been able to donate 7 times. In total I have donated 3 meals to hungry folks here in the US and have given clean water to 4 people in Sudan for 1 month each.  (Helping stop the spread of disease).   This has just been in my spare time this morning while going places I was going anyway. 

Did I mention the application is free and there is no cost to you? Think you can spend 5 minutes of your day to give a meal to someone?


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