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Ive said it before, but its worth saying again.

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I am a great believer in luck. The harder I work, the more of it I seem to have.

~Coleman Cox

Excellent Book List for Audible

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So I emailed my friend Justin, CEO of Fresh Rankings, CEO of Tredent Data Systems.  Justin is a very business minded and a great leader, he led his fathers company to a multi-million dollar a year business and then stepped off on his own to start Tredent and then Fresh Rankings.  Justin is always great at pointing people in the right direction so I asked him for his recommended book list that I could pick up on Audible.   After all I love and need to constantly grow, but I don’t really like to read, so audible is the way to go for me.

He sent me this excellent list:


Think & Grow Rich

The Answer

The 4 Agreements

48 Laws of Power

The Magic of Thinking Big

The Checklist Manifesto

Getting Things Done

Good to Great

The Ultimate Sales Machine

The 80 20 Principle

The 4 Hour Work Week

The 4 Hour Body

Delivering Happiness

Super Freakonomics

Crush It

The E-Myth Revisited

Less is More


The Tipping Point

Guerilla Marketing



Small is the New Big

The Dip


The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

The World is Flat

How to Win Friends & Influence People



Believe Me

Innovator’s Dilemma

The Long Tail

Making Ideas Happen


Purple Cow

Success Built to Last

The Ultimate Question

I love You More Than My Dog

Raving Fans

The Wisdom of Crowds

Cultural Fit Factor


Fred Factor

Getting Your Shift Together

Tribal Leadership


Happiness Hypothesis

Happiness Project

Branded Customer Service

Gen Buy

Made to Stick

212 Degrees

3 Laws of Performance


Get Off Your ‘But’

Never Eat Alone

Now Discover Your Strengths

The Present

What Got You Here Won’t Get Your There

Who Moved My Cheese





Under the knife

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A couple of weeks ago my family wanted to go see one of my elderly family members a few hours away.   It was really nice to just be able to pick up at the last minute and go.  I put my laptop and eveyrthing I needed in my backpack and I had my mobile office, ready to go.  We traveled and I worked in the morning and evenings and spent the day with family.  I am loving the flexibility of internet marketing.

On the trip home we decided to stop and hour from home, spend the night and take the kids to a childrens museum the next day.  That night I was up working till about 2am.  When I crashed I had some pain in my abdomen, but I went to sleep.  I woke up at 3:30 with excruciating pain.  I was up and down all night and by morning the pain had lessened and settled on my right side.  We went to the museum and I didn’t do too much, but it was a good time for the kids.  We went to supper and I looked up my symptoms and I had a text book match for an appendicitis.  That meant surgery if it was true and that wasn’t terribly good news.  We travled home and I went immediately to the emergency room.

After many tests they told me I did in fact have an inflamed appendix and I would have to have it removed first thing in the morning.  At this point it was about midnight and had been just less then 24 hours since I started feeling the pain. I was able to pull out the laptop and my mobile internet and get some work done and send out a bunch of emails.   I actually worked a good way thru the night just to keep my mind off of surgery.   I suppose not many people can just sit in a hospital bed and earn money. 

Don’t I just look great?  lol  I was quite scared actually and knew things would be harder afterward.  Well 6 hours after they put me in a room they came to get me.  I went down to preop, and met the people that were going to be in the room and helping with the surgery.  By this point it had been just 20 mins from when they walked in and said its time to go.  I was pretty tore up, until they gave me “something to help with my nerves he said”.  1 minute later things were swimming a bit and I felt groggy.  2 mins later they had me climbing onto the surgery bed.  I layed down and they stretched out my arms and were saying something and I woke up (what seemed like a few seconds later) in recovery.

It was done, and it hurt!  lol  I had a pain button that dispensed me medicine when I needed it and I spent 2 more days there before I got to head home.

The first week was rough, but I pulled the laptop back out and started working the day after I got out of the hospital.  I wasn’t able to get a lot done, but I still felt priviliged to be able to sit in my chair in my living room and earn a few bucks.  I am very blessed.

10 days later I got an infection and they had to slice my wound partly back open to drain the infection.  I was awake this time, although they numbed it, it was still “quite” the experience being cut open right in the doctors office.

Its now 2 weeks since the surgery and I am finally starting to feel a bit better.  I am on the mend and in another 1-2 weeks I should feel a LOT better and in 4 weeks I will be off the weight limit and be able to pick up my kids again, that will be a great day.  🙂

Thanks to everyone for their prayers and support.  Its been rough at times, but I plan to keep moving forward.

The long haul

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I have had aspirations for business for as long as I can remember.  As a child I would always stay up late watching the infomercials that talked about making money and running your own business.    As I got older I realized that the infomercials were making their money by selling the products that were supposed to help you, but it was the possibility of what they offered that really drew me in.

When I went to college back in 1999 I started working with an administrator there who did web design for companies on the side.  I had done sites for myself, but not really with the intent to make money.  I think that was probably the first money I earned related to online, aside from selling stuff on ebay.

I went on to work with him for a few years and then branched out on my own, and picked up a few clients.  I took care of their sites and needs for several years and then finally quit doing that around 2007.   In that same year I started in a quest to make money online in other realms.

At the time I had already made web proxies for myself for personal uses, and then I discovered people made money off of them.  So I got into the web proxy business.  At the time it was the most money I had made in my life, as far as online on my own goes.  My best month was around $1500.  I even wrote an ebook on the subject and that turned out to be a great success as well.  It was my first digital product I sold.

While web proxies worked well for me at the time, they didn’t have a lot of residual income.  So I eventually faded those out and tried to get into sites that made income from ads such as adsense.  It put in a lot of hours and a lot of time and never even made as much as proxies.

In 2009 I needed income around Christmas time to pay the bills.  So I found a need online and started offering lists and services of various sorts.  Grunt work really, but it made money.  I would work at my day job on my lunch hour, work when I came home at night, work in the mornings, work on my days off.  Its pretty much been that way for the past 10 years, but more so for the past 4 years.

Then in early 2010 I discovered Scrapebox.  I purchased it for $47 at the time, and that was a lot to me to come up with as we were struggling. I first applied it to automate some of what I was already doing.  But over a few months those services fizzled out.   Then in April I needed more money so I started new services with scrapebox.   Those went well and evolved over the coming months.

One of the things I picked up along the way was the importance of books and learning.  I read “The Dip” by Seth Godin, and it changed my life.  I decided for 2010 that my dip was going to be Scrapebox.  In September of that year I finally felt I was getting a solid handle on Scrapebox and I started offering other products and services for SEO and link building.

As I neared the end of 2010 I was making more money then I had ever made in my life online, and was making huge headway in my plans to one day be full time IM.

At the end of every year I take time on new years even not to make a new years resolution, but to ponder where I might be at the end of the coming year.  At the end of 09 I was earning a little money online and had hope, but 2010 didn’t seem like it might be an excellent year.  At the end of 2010 I knew I had been blessed and I was making solid money and I hoped it would continue so I could get that much closer to quitting my day job.  But I figured maybe by 2012 -2013 I might get there, hopefully.

Then in the first week of 2011 I ran into some possibilities and was taken aback.  I couldn’t believe I was fortunate enough to have landed where I did.  Life had presented me with the opportunity to start planning to leave my day job.  So I followed thru with all the financial advice from Dave Ramsey and paid off the rest of my debt, and built up my emergency fund.

Today I sit debt free except for my house, with about 3 months expenses in the bank and April 13th I will be full time in IM.

Allthe long days, working before and after my day job, working 7 days a week, learning, testing, not getting to see my family as much as I wanted, its all starting to pay off.  God is good, and I am grateful for my opportunities.

Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb,  comes to mind – “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

FREEDOM!  I look forward to working full time IM, and working harder then I ever have in my life.  🙂

Its been over a year

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Its been over a year since I posted on my blog.  Jan 2010.   Then I worked for a global company who is full of corporate policy.  Their take on life is it should be a work/work balance with you working all the most prime hours to make them money.  That doesn’t work for me.

Firstly I want time with my family.  Second I don’t want someone else to tell me I can’t excel without their permission or make more money then they allow.  My last post was about people not being like me.  How the co-workers I work with are either just not going after what I am after or they just don’t know its available.

A few days ago I turned in my resignation from my day job with that global company.  Its been 8 years with them.  While I am grateful for the opportunity they have given me to provide for my family, I have never wanted to live within the limited bounds that they set.  I work only a few more days for them and then I am working in IM full time.  🙂

Not like me

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I work a day job in addition to my internet marketing.  Everyone I work with is not like me, no one in my town that I know is like me.  Everyone seems to be happy with their day job, or more often not happy, but not doing anything about it.

I find myself going to my day job and then coming home and working and everyone else talks about how they go home and do nothing.  Its kind of discouraging sometimes, just wish I had someone that I could see in person that wanted to hustle to change their future via online marketing.

I can connect online, but finding people that hustle and are on my level (not very advanced) is hard to do.  Ever feel like that?

Gary V on my URL drop down list before Google

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Ironic.  When I type the letter G into my URL bar in Firefox it gives me some choices in the dropdown.  Gary Vaynerchuk often lists first, before Google.  Guess I visit his site a lot.  🙂

CauseWorld iphone app

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CauseWorld lets you donate money to charity just for taking the time to “check in” while doing your daily activities.  You install the app on your iphone or droid and when you go to stores, resturants, etc.. you launch the app.  It will check based off of your GPS location if the place you are at is on their list.  If it is you can “check in” which is simply clicking a button on yoru phone. 

When you check in you get Karma points.  Karma points can be donated to the charity of your choice (picking from the ones they offer, and you can suggest your own).  When you donate, it tells you exactly what/how much your donation will do.  Then the donation is translated in to real world dollars by their sponsors – Currently Citi and Kraft foods. 

The store you visit doesn’t pay anything, at least not now.  You can go visit stores you might not normally, but I have been using it to just check in at the places I was going anyway. 

So how much difference can one person make?  So far this morning since I downloaded the app, about 4 hours ago, I have been able to donate 7 times. In total I have donated 3 meals to hungry folks here in the US and have given clean water to 4 people in Sudan for 1 month each.  (Helping stop the spread of disease).   This has just been in my spare time this morning while going places I was going anyway. 

Did I mention the application is free and there is no cost to you? Think you can spend 5 minutes of your day to give a meal to someone?

Horrible ideas breed great ideas

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Today Seth Godin put up a wonderful post on his blog about bad ideas and good ideas. He emphasizes the point that you are going to have a lot of bad ideas before you have good ideas. Which also means that overnight success is not going to happen. All good things take time, Rome wasn’t built in a day after all.

When Thomas Edison was inventing the light bulb, it took him over 1000 tries.  Someone once asked him about his failures.  He said that he didn’t have any failures, but hundreds of ideas that didn’t work.  The point is you are going to have lots of ideas that don’t work before you have ideas that do work.  So you are going to have to work hard, test, and learn.

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