About MAtt Borden

Welcome to MAttBorden.com

My blog is mostly about or related to earning money online. Many people talk about making money online, but that often gets twisted around. I prefer to say “earning” money online because that implies work, and that is what it is. I will tell you what I do to earn money online, as well as share with you what I learn from other successful online people. Here you will find information, focus and motivation for earning money online. I will attempt to share exactly what I do to earn online, what skills you can hone, and keep up with current niche info that can help. This blog is about one of my largest passions – Business.

A little about me

My name is MAtt Borden. If you notice I capitalize the second letter of my first name too, that is how I prefer my name spelled. It is part of my trade mark, if you will. Since I was a young child I have loved business and earning money. What motivates me is not the money, although it is nice, but its the thrill of being able to take my skills and use them to earn money. There is something extremely satisfying to be able to take an idea that I have, build it, monetize it, and earn money from it. Its like a freedom for me.

In 1999 I graduated highschool, having already had my hand in HTML for several years. I have found the internet intriguing ever since I was introduced to it. My mind is always going and constantly seeking knowledge and a platform to exercise that knowledge, the internet is just the place. I attended a private Baptist college where I was asked by the vice president to work in his side business – web design. He taught me a great deal about web design and people in business. In 2003 I started my own web design business, Cascades Web Development. I had only a few clients and was never satisfied with what I was doing until I started earning money with ad based websites of my own in 2007. That is when I realized earning via my own websites was what I wanted to do. I currently have a day job, and I am on a trek to quit my day job and earn full time online.

Of course I am not always about business, I have a loving wife, a one year old son, and a new baby on the way. I enjoy flying hobby grade remote control helicopters and collecting coins and bills from the US, its like owning a piece of history. I also love quotations and being outdoors.

I consider my most valuable asset to be my ideas and motivation to bring them about. In short the mantra of myself can be summed up by the English Author and Cartoonist Ashleigh Brilliant – “Good ideas are common – what’s uncommon are people who’ll work hard enough to bring them about”. I am one of those people, and I seek to express the tools I use and the motivation I receive, in an effort that it may serve as a record for myself and benefit others who are willing to work hard enough to bring their ideas about.